When it comes to picking a web designer, or even deciding if you really need a website at all, we’ve found that most clients have a particular set of questions that need answering. So, rather than blast you with information or answers you don’t need, simply click on the question you need to ask.

  • Why Do I Need a Website?

    Simply put, everyone searches for goods and services online these days. As an author, you need an arsenal of online tools to get the word out and build a buzz about your latest book. The most important of these tools should be a well-built website.

    Author websites can act as shop windows for your books, biographies, launch pads for your social media accounts, blogs, and anything else that you may wish. You have full control. Essentially, your website is the place where you create and maintain your identity as an author, and the hub around which all your online marketing and mingling can take place.

  • Why Do I Need a Website From Inspired Lamb Design?

    At Inspired Lamb Design we have over 10 years experience in Web Design and Development. Additionally, founder and lead designer Richard Lamb has spent years in and around the publishing scene. He is the son of acclaimed anthologist Hugh Lamb, who has 40 published books to his name (so far). Richard is also married to a published author. As such, he is well versed in the process of writing and publishing books, both traditionally and digitally. He also won a BAFTA screenwriting contest in 2008.

  • What Will I Get?

    Our author websites are designed and custom-built for authors of all types, be it fiction, non-fiction, indie or traditional. Whether you are an established writer, or publishing your first book, our websites will meet your needs.

    The aim of our websites is not just to market your books, but to portray who you are as an author. Perhaps you have a theme to your work you want to infuse into the pages of your website. Perhaps you want an opportunity to present the person behind the books. We will work with you to build the online presence you want the world to see.

    We have a number of features that will be built into your website, including:

    – Dedicated Book Pages

    Our author websites come with a custom-built page template specifically for each of your books. The page has areas for the book jacket, book synopsis, reviews, a snippet and a download, should you wish to offer sample chapters. All with a quick menu for speedy access up and down the page. See a sample here.

    – Dynamic Home Page

    The home page is going to be the first thing visitors see, so we will make sure that your page has an immediate impact. Working with you, we will determine the best image to use, whether it should be static, animated, or a scrolling series of images and which book(s) should be the major focus.

    – ‘Buy the Book’ Sidebar Area

    A custom-built sidebar with logo-based buttons to each of your book’s vendors. See a sample here.

    – Blog

    A Blog is essential for keeping your website active and vibrant. If you’re looking to do well in Google’s search engine results, then regularly published blogs are an excellent way to keep Google noticing. Your website will be blog ready. If you decide against using the feature it can be hidden until you need it. And if you have an existing blog, your posts can be imported into the new website.

    – News Page

    Keeping your readers up-to-date with your news and developments is important, so we provide a blog-style page dedicated only to your latest news.

    – Many Other Options

    Gallery Pages, Social Media Links, Events Pages, Newsletter Subscription, Contact Forms, and more. Let us know what you need and we will plan the best approach.

  • Can I Change the Content of My Website?

    Absolutely. We build all our websites with edibility and user-friendliness in mind. The learning curve for WordPress, even for a novice, is very smooth and the custom-built elements that we put into your website will be just as easy to handle. From the banner image on the home page to the content of every page on the website, you will have total control.

    Plus, of course, we will take the time to show you the ropes and leave you with a handy guide to mastering your content management system.

  • What Does It Cost?

    The million dollar question. Some design agencies will tell you that it is impossible to state a price at the outset as all websites are different. We believe that there should be clarity from the start. We operate a three-tier pricing system; New Author, Author and Author Deluxe. Pick the website either by the features it comes with or the price you are willing to pay. This way you will know exactly what you are getting and how much you will be paying for it.

    You can see the packages in detail here.