Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover?

We know people like to say this but in the publishing business potential readers are going to do just that. The cover is, after all, the first point of contact with those potential readers and vital to the success of your book. So you need to make sure your book cover design is eye-catching, representative and memorable.

Book Cover Design Has Changed

As the publishing industry has changed. With ebooks now firmly established, a book cover needs to work twice as hard to grab attention as traditionally published book jackets. For example, you now need to make sure your cover stands out in a line of Amazon or Kobo thumbnails, as well as on the shelf of Barnes & Noble. The cover needs a design that will not lose impact as potential readers are scrolling through your vendor’s selection.

We Will Work With You

Creation of a successful cover should be a collaborative process with the author. Aside from creating impact and attention, the cover also needs to represent the mood and themes of the book. While we will read the book as part of the creative process, input from the author is invaluable. Together we will create the eye-catching cover that ensures your book stands out in the crowded marketplace.

It Doesn’t Have to Cost the Earth

But you should beware the giveaway prices, too. Sure, you could find yourself a low-rent designer charging $5 for a cover design, but you will get what you pay for; overused stock imagery that you will see on a hundred other covers out there. We have a scaling charge, dependent on your needs. You can contact us here for more information.

Book Cover Design Pricing

eBook Cover only – $300

eBook Cover and Print Cover – $500