Your new book is finished and ready to be published. Everything is in place for you to start promoting. Your social media accounts are ready, you’ve arranged book signings at local stores, and you’ll even be attending a number of conventions and fests in the upcoming year.

But do you have a dedicated author website? If the answer is no, you have omitted the most important link in your marketing chain.

Here are five reasons why an author website is a must.

Centralize Your Content
Social media is an important part of your marketing strategy, of course. However, though you can connect with readers on Facebook and Twitter, you’ll be subject to the restrictions that these platforms impose. Facebook, for example, does not automatically display your posts to all your followers’ feeds. It decides for itself how many will see those posts, in the hope that you’ll pay to ‘boost’ them to a wider audience.

Your website can include your social media feeds, acting as a hub for all your content, including sections for your latest news, upcoming events, a bio, blog posts, and more, providing one-stop shopping for your readers. And, you’ll be able to collect contact information from interested readers who would enjoy regular newsletters and offers.

The Power of Blogging
As part of your website, you’ll have the option of including a blog. By publishing regular articles, you not only give your readers and followers fresh material to enjoy, but also ensure Google recognizes your site as active and worthy. The Google search results favor websites that regularly offer new and well-written content. As a writer, you obviously have a unique advantage.

Manage Your Brand
There’s only so much you can do to personalize your social media pages, so personal branding is vital to creating recognizability among your peers. With full control over the look and feel of your website, you can convey the image you want the world to recognize as your own. Consistent imagery, color schemes, and layouts all work toward creating and maintaining your brand. Social media cannot replicate this.

Your Shop Window
Imagine an airy, friendly bookstore dedicated entirely to your books. That’s what an attractive book-listing page is on your website. Readers can browse the covers, click on the books they wish to explore further, and then be sent directly to your vendors to make a purchase. This is a user-friendly experience that only a website can offer.

Simply Put, Readers Expect It
This is the 21st century and everyone looks for their goods, services, and information online. Websites are no longer considered luxury items. They are a necessity. Successful people are expected to have a website, as are those hoping to become successful. Without one, you may seem increasingly out-of-touch.