The World is Online

It’s the 21st century and almost everyone is surfing the web on a daily basis. As a result you will need an array of online tools reach an audience of potential readers. The two best tools available for your online marketing are a great website and an effective social media presence. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the other places where people meet and share content are valuable networks for book promotion.

Social Media for Authors

Branding matters to an author’s online presence in the same way it matters to any corporation and your name is your brand. Presenting a unified theme throughout your social media accounts gives them a professional consistency. Using uniform banners, avatars and post collateral builds the recognizable style which makes a brand.

We’ll Keep Your Profiles Consistent

The problem is that each social media platform has different specifications for their banners. What fits on Facebook will not fit so well on Twitter. Add to that the fact that each banner is displayed differently depending on the device being used to see it, and you have a bigger puzzle than you might have expected. Finding a consistent design, that also works at any device or screen size, is an exercise in frustration. But we’re happy to take on that challenge for you! We can make sure your Facebook author page, Twitter account and other social media profiles match your brand with dedicated banner designs and avatars.