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Why on earth would you choose us?

Hello. My name is Richard Lamb and I am the proud owner of Inspired Lamb Design.

I specialize in designing and building websites for authors, as well as designing and producing cover art for eBooks and print books. I can also handle all other graphic materials you may need as an author, such as promotional graphics for your next Amazon or Facebook ad campaign, or banners for your Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Whether you are a new author about to launch your first book, or an established author with a library of 30 books to your name, Inspired Lamb Design can help you establish a web presence and provide with all the tools you need to promote your book and connect with your readers.

So, you might ask, what sets me apart from most designers out there? Well, I am also a published author and anthologist. This affords me a clear view of what most writers go through, and probably explains why I find writers and authors to be such agreeable clients. We have so much in common!

My father was a rather well-known writer and anthologist, so I grew up in a literary atmosphere and got to understand the business from an early age. I even designed and illustrated the covers for some of his books during the 90s. At the same time I illustrated books by other genre authors, including Ramsey Campbell.

I should also mention that my wife, who plays her own role in Inspired Lamb Design, is a published writer, too. So, as you can see, if you’re looking for a design agency that understands authors, you really have come to the right place.

Please, take a look around the website. If you have any questions at all, drop me a message and we’ll take it from there.

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