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Inspired Lamb Design is a digital agency made up of people who understand both the publishing business AND the creative business.

We are not just a group of designers helping authors publish their books, but published authors in our own right, too!

We’ve been through that grueling process and understand what is required in a way that only experience can teach you.

We understand our business. We understand your business.

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At Inspired Lamb Design we understand that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all website. Different authors not only have different budgets, but also different audiences and different approaches to their work and brand. We take all of these factors into consideration as we put together the website that best represents YOU.

We do offer a series of pre-priced packages, however, which allow you to tailor the project to your requirements without worrying what the final bill might be. It’s all set out from the get-go. No muss, no fuss.